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Oaxaca: Express Fact File

Oaxaca is situated in southeast Mexico.  It is bordered to the north by Puebla and Veracruz, in the south by the Pacific Ocean, to the east by the Chiapas and to the west by Guerrero.

The state of Oaxaca  is one of Mexico’s most diverse tourist destinations. For over 93,000 square kilometres, visitors can enjoy beaches, mountains, forests and valleys, as well as ancient archaeological sites and a rich cultural heritage.

There are up to 16 different indigenous groups living within the state, each successfully preserving their own languages and traditional lifestyles.  The state is divided into eight regions including Valles Centrales, Sierra Norte, Sierra Sur, Canada, Costa, región del Papaloápam and Istmo de Tehuantepac).  The mixtec and zapotec cultures predominate.

Oaxaca’s city centre is attractively compact and low-rise.  Most of the main attractions are located within a 15-minute walk of the Zocalo.  Oaxaca is famous for its colonial style architecture and distinctive green walls.

Spanish conquistadors founded Oaxaca in 1529, at a location close to Monte Albán, the spectacular prehispanic city which showcases the zapotec culture at its best.  Both Oaxaca and Monte Albán are recognised as sites of Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.  Authorities work hard to maintain the cultural heritage through its history, gastronomy and social scene.

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