Ireland Green Travel App: Your Guide to an Eco Friendly Trip

Travel Edits | Ireland Green Travel App: Your Guide to an Eco Friendly Trip

The Green Guide to Ireland

Where’s the best Irish yoga retreat?  How do you guarantee  a guilt-free, ecologically sound holiday in Ireland?  Well, you could ask Google…

Unfortunately though, by their very nature, eco retreats don’t tend to be the most online savvy…so HOW do you find these gems?

Enter Ireland Green Travel app.  This Ireland–wide  iPhone travel app was created by Catherine Mack, who has carved out a career in writing about green and sustainable travel.

Ireland Green travel app covers everything you would need for a ‘back to nature’ holiday in Ireland, from eco-friendly accommodation to wholesome activities, low impact travel options and organic local food options.

So if your next holiday to Ireland (north or south) is set to include hiking, canoeing or cycling or you’d like to test out a night in a yurt, an eco-castle or a period house, then this D3 Home Company app should prove to be an excellent travel companion.

Can’t drive/won’t drive? It’s not an issue, this app has taken all of the legwork out of planning your trip. In fact, Ireland Green Travel offers details of how to get to all of its featured accommodation without a car.

With the glamping and alternative camping trend gathering momentum in Ireland, Catherine has been kept busy updating the app as she travels the country, uncovering the newest additions to the sustainable tourism landscape.

Speaking at the recent release of the app, Mack said:

“I am a battered old guidebook sort of a traveller really.  However,  the joys of being able to update it whenever I want, and knowing that people who have bought it will get those updates straight away, was a revelation check Also, being able to link directly to train timetables, Google Maps, walking or cycling trails, You Tube videos, and adding as many photos as I want, all in one tiny screen, has made me wake up to greener travel guidebook options.  This way, it will always be a work in progress and, hopefully, travellers can get to see all of Ireland’s ever growing number of truly green gems, not just the emeralds”.

Here’s to many more great finds…

Green Ireland Travel app is available now for download for both iPhone and iPad on iTunes priced at €2.39, £1.79, $2.99

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