Travel and COVID-19: Some Do’s and Don’ts

The COVID-19 pandemic has dominated the news and our lives since February this year, and there is no sign of it disappearing any time soon. It has thrown plans to travel out of the window and made us rethink almost every single thing that we do.

However, while travel does look very different at the moment, and there are many, many restrictions placed on travellers, it does not mean that it is entirely out of the question.  If you take some of the precautions that we will talk about in this post, and are careful with your actions, there are ways to travel in relative safety. Let us take a look at some of the do’s and do not’s of travelling through the Coronavirus pandemic.


DO: Take a private fit to fly test

A fit to fly test is evidence that you are not carrying the virus at the time of the test, and this is something that many airlines or countries will insist on before using the service or entering the country. Even if the airline or country you are using or visiting does not require this, it can be excellent peace of mind.


DON’T: Forget to pack your mask 

Make sure you pack a few spares, too. You will need plenty! Ideally, you would use reusable ones as a nod to the environment, but you also need to ensure that you have a way of storing them or washing them after use as they should not be worn more than once without being washed. If you do choose to use disposables, make sure that you dispose of them responsibly.


DO: Be selective

Do not just jump into booking with the first travel company that you come across. Do your research first. What are their policies regarding social distancing and cleaning? You may also want to look at how the company has treated employees during the pandemic. Many have been highlighted in the media for the poor way they have handled employees’ management during the main lockdowns, which may influence who you are spending your money with.


DON’T: Tell everyone your thoughts and opinions on the virus

Whatever you think about the COVID-19 pandemic,  especially if you think there’s something going on behind the scenes – this is the time to keep it to yourself. Save it for your friends. Some countries are particularly sensitive regarding these theories, but even if they aren’t, controversial opinions may not make you popular with your fellow travellers and staff and locals in the place you are visiting.


DO: Follow the rules

There are so many new rules and guidelines, check, whatever country you are in. From when and where you have to wear a mask, social distancing and how many people can be in one place simultaneously, you need to make sure you know the rules and are following them.


Travel looks very different at the moment wherever you are in the world. By taking note of the points above you can make it as safe and as pleasant as possible. 



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